About me

I am very glad to see you all here. Settle down, look on my work, and I will tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and grew up in the very beautiful city of Kiev, in Ukraine. I love this city so much.

Now I live, together with my family (I have a husband and two daughters) in New York, USA.

I liked needlework from that time, when I was a kid. I tried embroidering, knitting, macramé, made soft toys, and etc. But now the basic place in my hobbies occupied by cross stitch. The cross stitch gives me pleasure, calms me down, helps me with everyday life’s difficult rhythm. I like to embroider animals, birds, city streets, the nature or simply cute pictures.  But do not think that I’m a «girly-girl».  I hate any soap operas, I do not read romance novels; I prefer action and S.F. fantasy. And so what? I play Lineage II (see my avatar). I like some contradictions.

Have I not tired you yet? Then read the small guidebook on my blog. I have created my first several blogs in 2007, but I haven’t yet understood what they really mean, I have made them as thematic galleries:

My Cats Gallery My Birds Gallery My Flowers Gallery My Cute Animal Gallery

But this idea was not good enough and I left it alone. Now I made the present blog:

But I decided to not delete any of my old galleries; there were necessary and pleasant comments. I will combine there the old work, which approaches under thematic that was created earlier. Everything else I will try to show up gradually in the basic blog. I would be very appreciated if you find a minute to take a look at them and write your opinion. It is very important for me.

Ok, I will now thank the most patient ones of my visitors. Thanks a lot to all who have listened to my story and have looked on my work! I hope to see you all again.