Monday, September 5, 2011

Fizzy Moon Bear #2

А у меня вышилась еще одна маленькая картинка. Знакомьтесь, мишка Fizzy Moon.

Aida 18, white
14 x 12.5 cm
Design by Nadeida

Вышивала по схемке Нади,  с моего любимого форума  “Катенок Гав". Мишка отправляется в подарок нащему очень хорошему другу.

This is my new cross stitch picture. I took participation in the event «Stitch together» at the forum of “Катенок Гав". The pattern was created by Nadeida from our forum. The inscription on the picture means: "The clean house is the lost life”. This cute bear will be present to our good friend.


  1. Какой очаровательный! В них невозможно не влюбиться!
    Я сейчас тоже "физзика" вышиваю, правда, схемка от другого автора :)

  2. Какая прелесть! Здоровский такой!

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  4. Hello :) I'm Smiley

    You have a lovely blog!! And have made wonderful projects!!

    I really love the fizzy moon cross stitch you did!! I'm a stitcher too and a huge fan of fizzy moon. :D I hope you might be able to help me. I've come across the website/forum where Nadeida (seems to) have created these charts and made them available to forum members. I'd like to join, but have a problem: I don't under stand a word :( Is there a way around this? maybe a translate button of sorts? and where? If you know of a way, please let me know, my email is

    Thank you very much!! Hope you keep well :) and have fun stitching!! Be blessed xx